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We only have one goal, to do our part

  • Sprayable disinfectant
  • Practical and effective
  • Offered at cost to frontline workers

1 box includes =
(1) ADCLEAN 10L + (4) empty reusable 470ml spray bottles

$ 79.95 per Adclean 10L kit
* This is equivalent to 7.995$ per L
* Shipping costs excluded

ADCLEAN 10L is specially designed for applications requiring frequent replenishment and rapid spraying.

For more details about ADCLEAN sprayable sanitizers, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions

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ADCLEAN Technical is a technical grade sprayable sanitizer developed using an Ethyl Alcohol formula (80 v%) for grocery stores, department stores, factories, and construction sites.

Consult our Health Canada license #NPN80098241

1 box includes =
(1) ADCLEAN TECHNICAL 10L + (4) empty reusable 470ml spray bottles

$ 79.95 per Adclean 10L kit
* This is equivalent to 7.995$ per L
* Shipping costs excluded

For more details about ADCLEAN sprayable sanitizers, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions

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ADCLEAN Medical is a medical grade sprayable sanitizer developed using an Isopropyl Alcohol formula (75 v%) offered exclusively to healthcare professionals, retirement homes, daycares, and primary schools.

Consult our Health Canada license #NPN80099945

1 box includes =
(1) ADCLEAN MEDICAL 10L + (4) empty reusable 470ml spray bottles

$ 79.95 per Adclean 10L kit
* This is equivalent to 7.995$ per L
* Shipping costs excluded

For more details about ADCLEAN sprayable sanitizers, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions

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Contenant Adclean pour travailleurs du milieu de la santé

Ongoing R&D to supply increasingly effective disinfectants

(1) ADCLEAN 10L = protects up to 125 people for 5 days

Product Usage

ADCLEAN can & should be used for other objects at risk, such as a computer mouse, wrists, cell phones, etc.
Spray ADCLEAN onto the surface and let it evaporate or wipe it down with a CLEAN cloth.
ADCLEAN is both for hands and solid surfaces. It kills bacteria & most viruses. If the object becomes contaminated again later, the solution must be re-applied.

For more details about ADCLEAN sprayable sanitizers, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions

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In the media

L'innovation au micro - Stéphanie Cabre, CScience 30 Avril 2020
La bataille pour fabriquer du liquide désinfectant québécois - Daniel Boily, Jean-Philippe Robillard, Radio-Canada 20 Avril 2020
Businesses help with shortage of medical supplies - Mike Armstrong, Global News (Vidéo), 27 Mars 2020
Le Réseau de la santé se prépare à manquer de gel désinfectant pour les mains - Thomas Gerbet, Radio-Canada 25 Mars 2020
Je n'ai jamais été aussi fier d'être… - Richard Darveau, président et chef de la direction, AQMAT 25 Mars 2020
La résilience des PME - Claude Martel, Président d'Inno-centre, La Presse 25 Mars 2020
Des entreprises se joignent à l’effort - Jean-François Coderre, La Presse 24 Mars 2020
Changer de mission en temps de crise - Le Téléjournal 18h (Vidéo), Radio-Canada 24 Mars 2020
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We were inspired by this front-line worker, who bravely treats COVID-19 positive patients in cardiology. Lorie is part of the larger Adfast family, both because she is our colleague’s wife and because she serves many people in need every day with the love and dignity they deserve. Adfast would like to thank all front-line workers for keeping us safe and healthy!
We urgently created a second production line to manufacture protective face shields to further fight COVID-19 as well as protect you & your family.

Three models are available:

  1. ADSHIELD Production: Protective Face Shields for general use
  2. ADSHIELD Construction: Protective Face Shields for construction helmets
  3. ADSHIELD Mini: Protective Face Shields for children
travailleuse de la santé portant une visière Adshield

Our Products

For over 40 years, Adfast proudly supplies a complete line of products to construction and manufacturing companies.

Adfast designs and manufactures products in four main categories: Assembly, Sealing, Insulation, and Protection. Our product lines include Sealants, Caulking, Adhesives, Insulation foams, Grommets & washers, Grommeting machines, Caulking guns, Tooling kits, Caulking cloths, Sprayable disinfectants, Protective masks, and accessories.

Adfast is passionate about helping clients transform their production lines & construction sites with its high-performance products, dedicated customer service, and expert technical support.

We go to great lengths to allow our customers to easily transact with us. No matter your preference, communicate with us in any method of choice using our online commerce website, online chatbot, omnichannel call centre that includes a team of dedicated customer service agents, or in-person visit with one of our technical experts.

Above all else, we offer personalized products, specifically catered to your application, and dedicated local service. We remain close to you, from beginning to end.

View our products

Our Product Accessories & Technical Services

Adfast wants you to deliver your projects efficiently and securely.

We offer accessories to help your installation, such as caulking guns, caulking cloths, tooling kits, caulking cloths, sprayable disinfectants, and protective masks.

Adfast is invested in the success of your projects, and therefore offers free webinars, lunch & learns, tutorial videos on its website, online product configurator, online color & siding matching tool, online sealant calculator tool to determine your needs for any given project, as well as evaluation of your applications, construction plans, and production lines with our team of technical experts.

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ADSHIELD Production is a protective face shield made for workers in hospitals, schools, grocery stores, senior citizen residences, department stores and factories.

Suitable for front line workers
Simple and quick assembly
Adjustable for your comfort
$3.95 per unit and 20 units per box

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logo Adshield Construction

ADSHIELD Construction is a protective face shield made for workers on construction sites

Suitable for construction helmets
Simple and quick assembly
Adjustable for your comfort
$3.95 per unit and 20 units per box

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N.B. You may purchase additional 1/4 screws & 3/8 screws if needed on McMaster

travailleur portant une visière Adshield Production
logo Adshield Mini

Protect your children at school and daycare
Adapted for children
Simple and quick assembly
Adjustable for the comfort of your little ones
$3.95 per unit and 20 units per box

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Kids wearing an Adshield Face Shield
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What is ADCLEAN?

ADCLEAN products are sprayable hydroalcoholic solutions intended for hygienic sanitization of hands as well as solid surfaces.

How does one effectively sanitize their hands with ADCLEAN?

To sanitize your hands, spray ADCLEAN twice into palms, rub the back of each hand, between fingers, thumbs, fingertips, and wrists for at least 15 seconds.

Can I use ADCLEAN on surfaces other than my hands, such as keyboards, door handles, and stair railings?

Yes. ADCLEAN is also designed to disinfect solid surfaces. Simply spray ADCLEAN twice onto the surface and allow the product to evaporate. For greater efficiency and wherever possible, use a clean paper towel and rub the object for several seconds.

Does ADCLEAN leave a residue after application?

Yes. Residual glycerin is present after application. This plant-based product is a humectant that preserves moisture and helps hydrate the skin. When applied several times to an object, ADCLEAN can become greasy. In such case, we recommend using a clean, dry paper towel to wipe the object.

Hoes does ADCLEAN follow World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations?

The World Health Organization (WHO) developed internationally recognized and laboratory tested antiseptic formulations. ADCLEAN products were developed in accordance with WHO recommendations and are approved by Health Canada. Adclean Medical is also approved by the FDA, and Adclean Technical FDA approval is underway. All Adclean products have strong antimicrobial power allowing rapid and effective disinfection of a wide range of microorganisms.

Why is ADCLEAN sold in liquid form and vaporized from a spray bottle, rather than sold as a gel?

A gel is obtained by adding a gelling agent and / or a thickener to the formulation. While the gel is mainly used for cleaning hands, a spray solution such as ADCLEAN is also applicable for solid surfaces

What is the chemical composition of ADCLEAN products?

ADCLEAN products are composed of the following:

  • An alcohol -> isopropanol / isopropyl alcohol (75%) or ethanol / ethyl alcohol (80%) -> antimicrobial agent for eliminating microorganisms.
  • Distilled / purified water -> slows evaporation of the solution, therefore increasing action time of the alcohol.
  • Glycerin -> plant-derived compound, used as a humectant (preserves moisture)
  • Hydrogen peroxide -> eliminates microbial spores that contaminate bulk solutions and containers.
  • Essential oil -> Optional, to provide a more pleasant odor

Commercial disinfectants such as Purell smell good. Why do ADCLEAN products have a stronger odor?

Odorants and beautifying additives are generally added to commercial disinfectants in order to encourage customer acceptance. ADCLEAN products have a minimum of additives because our priority is above all to provide an effective and low-cost antiseptic. Therefore, the smell of alcohol, the active antiseptic ingredient, is not masked.

What is the difference between ADCLEAN Medical and ADCLEAN Technical?

ADCLEAN Medical is composed of USP (United States Pharmacopeia) certified isopropyl alcohol. USP certification is generally compulsory for cosmetic and medicinal applications. ADCLEAN Technical is composed of technical grade ethyl alcohol, which is slightly less pure than its USP counterpart.

Why not only provide ADCLEAN Medical?

Since the Covid19 pandemic, the world is facing a shortage of alcohol. Isopropanol USP and ethanol USP are very scarce. In order to quickly supply front-line workers, Health Canada authorized the use of technical grade alcohol, which is available in larger quantities.

Is ADCLEAN effective against viruses?

ADCLEAN products kill bacteria and most viruses. However, no studies have shown the effectiveness of hand sanitizers for certain viruses such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B or HIV. In doubt, contact a professional healthcare organization.

Once ADCLEAN is applied to my hands, am I protected for a few hours?

No. Alcohol-based disinfectants do not form a long-lasting protective film on the hands because the alcohol evaporates. It is therefore important to reapply when a possibly contaminated surface has been touched.

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